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Super excited

Its been quite a week !, we have now had our professional pressure washer delivered and are able to take bookings for patio and driveway washing, My husband is an experienced patio cleaner and is ready to tackle your outside spaces !

Our H20 E3 cleaning system is fully operational and ready to go.... this amazing cleaning system literally works like magic ! turning tap water, salt and vinegar into an active cleaning agent with 99.9 effectiveness against viruses, including Covid-19 !

Using Electrolysis, batches of S-Water are created which we use in sprays, and in our floor mops.

We have an end on tenancy booked for the 15th, pics to follow of before and after

We also start a short term cleaning contract locally in a beautiful Farm holiday let... so full steam ahead this week.

Take care and stay safe

The Naturally Team xx

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